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90 Day SEO Challenge

Search Engine Optimisation

It seems like there’s a 90 day challenge for everything. So we’re nabbing the idea and creating our own!

How SEO Usually Works

A big part of Verb’s service is SEO copywriting. Usually, we work with SEO companies to optimise key terms for business websites.

They work on the meta-tags, linking and the other factors that impact rankings, while we develop SEO friendly text.

A perfect SEO partnership!

The Path Less Travelled

Sometimes an individual doesn’t have the budget for search engine optimisation, so they get SEO copywriting only.

Last year, we worked with a business called Life Mediation. We developed search engine optimised content for the website, which had not received any other optimisation.

As a result of written content alone, the website moved to page 1 for two of its major key terms. (These terms were medium competitive.)

Although it is proven SEO works best when approached from all angles, the idea of working solely on written content has always appealed to me.

This brings me to Verb’s challenge…

The Challenge!

Upload 3 articles per week for 90 days focusing on 3 key terms.

The goal?

Discover the impact of uploading regular, targeted content in a short-time frame on rankings, without any other search engine optimisation.

Our website has not been optimised, so it’s just the specimen!

Starting Date

Tuesday 1 October 2013

I look forward to sharing the 90 day journey with you! Now to discover the key terms we will be targeting…