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Are you Scared of Words?


When friends ask me to comment on their writing, I notice a strange look takes over their usually attractive faces.

It’s a far away look. The eyes glaze, and I detect a note of abject fear.

Usually, they tell me that the resume slash piece they were forced to write took them many hours and is terrible.

Generally the material isn’t so bad.

Why do Some People Hate Writing

Perhaps it’s because writing is a personal thing, like singing.

When someone mocks my singing, it hits me right in the guts. Like singing, writing shows the world an authentic part of yourself.

What if it’s not good enough? What if there are spelling errors?

At school, we’re taught that being wrong is a bad thing. So after a while, we stop putting up our hands. Nothing is as clear as words on a page, so showing someone your writing is a very exposing act.

What’s the solution?

Just do it.

Even if your opening line is morbidly boring. Even if you know you could write it 100 times better on a “good day”, just sit down and write out what you mean to say.

Try showing your work to people who are book smart, yet gentle. No need to damage your soul with an abrasive literary genius.

Don’t Wait to Be in the Mood

Before I started writing professionally, I used to wait to be “in the mood” to write. Of course, this meant I didn’t write much.

Then I started working as a writer at an agency and the number of tasks I had on my daily job list exceeded the number of hours in a day.

I didn’t have time to get in the mood, so I just wrote. And while not everything was hard hitting, marketing gold, most of it was pretty good.

So if you are put in the scary position of having to write, my advice is to sit down, and start. Forget what people may think of the work. Just focus on getting the sentences on the page, one word at a time.

Yours Truly, Madly, Deeply,

Sarah and the Verbanians