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Hello from the Verbymites

Hello! It’s been a lovely 2-week break. My whole family travelled to New York, while I stayed home with my husband, dog and 3-legged cat Pirate. I read a lot of screenplays and worked on writing my Aussie horror film. It’s about a family who drive across the Nullarbor in a haunted camper van. Spooooky! […]

Write from your Heart

Inspiring people to get off their butts and take action is hard. I sometimes find it difficult to inspire myself to get off the couch. (Even when motivated by delicious cake.) Needless to say, getting someone you don’t know to buy your product or service can be even tougher. Why should Mr or Mrs Consumer […]

Discounted Blogging

Blogging has become a big part of modern business marketing. Why? It’s an affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience. It also happens to be one of our favourite parts of the job. So we decided to roll out discounted blogging packages for people who would like to use our web writing […]

Gay Marriage Endorsed by Abbott on Facebook

According to Hal Crawford of Share Wars (also the Editor-in-Chief of social media giant the words in this fake title are among the most “shareable” words online. What is Share Wars? Share Wars examines what makes a story shareable. In their own words, they believe “…sharing will drive a new era of journalism.” Why […]

Verb Joins BNI Leederville

Our SEO writing whiz kids have joined BNI True North in Leederville. BNI stands for Business Networking International. Each chapter contains businesses from different sectors who share referrals and expand their business networks. We now have more friends in a bunch of different creative fields, and of course, those other experts we can’t live without […]

Can your Kids Write?

A friend of mine asked me to read over her daughter’s homework. Her little girl was 14 at the time, and better at using an iPhone than a pen. She wrote a lot like this: I did not c the dragan. he was hiding behind the cuboard. My Analysis The spelling was bad. She didn’t […]

Tricky Words you Need to Know

When I was young and naïve and (okay, it happened only 12 months ago), I wrote that someone’s services were complimentary. The ever-gracious business owner pointed out that his services were not free. And I cursed the existence of words that sound the same but are spelled differently. I also became far savvier about this […]

Are you Scared of Words?

When friends ask me to comment on their writing, I notice a strange look takes over their usually attractive faces. It’s a far away look. The eyes glaze, and I detect a note of abject fear. Usually, they tell me that the resume slash piece they were forced to write took them many hours and […]

Put your Words in the Right Spot

Working out what to say is important. But working out how your words sit on a page is important too. I’m going to dive into an experiment now. If you’re brave, click on both of the links below and decide which content you like better. Exhibit A Exhibit B Which page did you prefer? My […]

Exhibit B

This page is probably far easier for you to read. I’m not necessarily writing content that engages you. That’s not the point of this experiment What’s the point? The point of Exhibit B is to show you what a big difference smart formatting makes to absorbing written content online. Why is this page easy to […]