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Can your Kids Write?


A friend of mine asked me to read over her daughter’s homework.

Her little girl was 14 at the time, and better at using an iPhone than a pen.

She wrote a lot like this:

I did not c the dragan. he was hiding behind the cuboard.

My Analysis

The spelling was bad. She didn’t use capital letters and worst of all, she wrote in “text-speak”. (That’s when people write like they’re texting on a phone.)

My friend wanted me to help her daughter out and I seriously did not know where to start.

I wondered whether this girl’s poor writing skills reflected the overall writing standards of modern kids.

Darwin’s Theory of Spell Check

Perhaps kids get away with not knowing how to write because spell check does the work for them. Is this a form of educational adaptation?

Maybe programming code is more important than knowing how to structure a sentence. Maybe they don’t need to spell because spell check does it for them.

My Verdict

As a word enthusiast, I believe it never hurts to know the basics. Then poor spelling becomes ironic and edgy. (As opposed to moronic and dodgy.)

Thatz all 4 now.


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