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Celebrating Key Words the Google Way


Operation Hummingbird isn’t a covert FBI initiative. It’s the name of Google’s recent search engine algorithm overhaul.

To celebrate its 15th birthday (so young!), Google decided to re-assess the way it sorted online content for searchers.

Google realised people were becoming more specialised in their key word searches. And naturally, they responded.

So what does this mean for SEO writing in 2013?

Long-tail terms are being given the attention they deserve.

Long-tail terms include longer, more specific search queries. Here’s an example:

SEO writing tips for business owners

On the flipside, a short-tail key term looks something like this:

SEO writing

The Long (and short) of it

Short tail phrases are harder to rank for. They’re the juicy, highly competitive phrases most business owners want in their SEO arsenal.

While long-tail phrases don’t return as much traffic, they do return a higher quality of traffic. Why? Because people who search using long-tail queries are more likely to be interested in your product or service.

That means long-tail phrases offer a greater chance of converting online readers into buyers. And now that Google is actively ranking websites using longer descriptions, it’s good news for SEO-savvy business owners.

Our official verdict? Yay for long tail!

The Verbstars