Crafting words to build your business online.

Day 1 of SEO Challenge


We’re all about laying down gauntlets at Verb. (Especially the metaphorical, word-infused kind.)

If you haven’t heard (and let’s face it, you probably haven’t) we’re experimenting with SEO copywriting in its purest form by optimising a website with only words.

That’s right, a word quest.

Our website hasn’t had any optimisation so it’s the perfect specimen.

The Challenge

The challenge lasts for 90 days, and involves 3 updates per week for that period. At the end, we’ll see whether words alone can impact a site’s ranking.

We’ve done this in bite-sized pieces before, so we know content alone can make a difference to rankings. But we want to take the test one step further.

We’re excited! But then, we’re pretty nerdy about this SEO word stuff.

The Key Terms

Today we worked out what terms we will be targeting. To make it interesting, we chose a high, medium and low competitive term. Introducing:

  1. Mr High – copy writing
  2. Ms Medium – seo writing
  3. Mrs Low – web writing

The Other Important Bit

The content we write must be engaging to real people. (That’s right, humans, not Googlebots.)

Creating captivating content is by far the most important aspect of effective website copywriting.

So we’ll be bringing you a series of informative and spellbinding blogs on how you can improve your own SEO writing. (As well as much, much more!)

We’re up for the challenge!


The Nerdy Verby Team