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Drive Traffic to Your Website

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People get so caught up in scoring ‘Likes’ on their Facebook business page, they forget social media is about building brand awareness and rapport.

That’s why I always tell my clients to use social media to drive traffic to their website.


Your website is where you have full control over your brand.

Facebook is a wonderful platform and a great leveller in the online world, but your website is where your brand’s personality can shine through.

How to Drive Traffic to your Website?


  • Get a blog on your website. (A news page where articles can be posted.)
  • Write a short article that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Post it to your website.
  • Then share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked IN, etc.

Here’s the tricky part

When measuring the success of your blogging, don’t rely on the ‘Likes’ it has attracted. Instead, look at your website’s analytics (usually available on your content management system’s dashboard). If Facebook is your main referral source, chances are, your strategy is working.

When people click on a Facebook link to read a blog, they don’t tend to head back to Facebook and ‘Like’ the post. This is counter-intuitive, so look at traffic to your website rather than ‘Likes’.

What about the Fat Car?

I photographed Erwin Wurm’s ‘Fat Car’ at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), in Hobart. Since we’re talking about driving and traffic, I thought it was highly suitable!

Bye for now!

Sarah and the Verbstars