Crafting words to build your business online.

Exhibit A

This page is a wall of words, with very little formatting. That means no spacing, no paragraphs, no lists and no images. If you’re wall-of-word-a-phobic like me, you probably have not even read this far. When I get an email written in stream of consciousness, or click onto a web page that delivers written content in this way, I have a minor panic attack and minimise the screen. If it’s important, I click back and battle my way through the words, doing my best to discern what is important and what is purely garbage. If it’s not important, than that little red circle (or cross if you’re operating Windows), gets a hearty click and I’m onto the next website on my search engine results list. Still reading? I’m officially impressed with your ability to read online content like a newspaper. Now it’s time to get back to the blog you were reading so you can go to Exhibit B. You’re a trooper!