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Far too Long

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It has been far too long since I have posted. So much has been happening in the land of Verb, that I have truly let my own social media and blogging fall by the wayside.

Here are some updates for you in my all-time favourite format – dot point!

  • Verb is now managing social media! It’s so much fun coming up with strategies for my clients and I feel privileged to represent their brands.
  • I have been interviewing WA shop owners for a series of articles. It’s been so inspiring to speak with people who have changed their lives to follow their passion.
  • Thursday mornings are now reserved for Business Networking. If you’re in business for yourself and want to grow through referrals, consider joining a BNI. It’s well worth it.
  • I went on my first holiday in a year! (That’s me at Sulphur Creek in Tassie.) This reminded me of the importance of taking time out to refresh and renew. I believe great business ideas come from not working.
  • Finally, I have a new wonderful writer on my team. Her name is also Sarah, and she has decades of journalism experience. So send through those press releases!

That’s all for now!

Love Sarah and the Verb-Tribe