Crafting words to build your business online.

Finding your Company’s Voice


I read everything.

The little blurbs on my soy milk, the iiNet sales material I have zero interest in, and the words which elegantly adorn my iPhone packaging.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a copywriter.

When I read something that effortlessly exudes a company’s personality, I feel two things – envy and curiosity.

Envy, because they got it so right. And curiosity, because now I can work out how the magic was engineered, and provide an even better service to my own clients.

Finding a voice is more than constructing sentences. It’s about seamlessly joining the words, imagery and service offerings of a company into one charismatic identity.

If done right, the company takes on an identity people can relate to, recognise and trust.

Finding the right tone for my clients is the most important part of my process. It means discovering what your company is about, and most importantly, projecting a voice that resonates with potential customers.