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Gay Marriage Endorsed by Abbott on Facebook


According to Hal Crawford of Share Wars (also the Editor-in-Chief of social media giant the words in this fake title are among the most “shareable” words online.

What is Share Wars?

Share Wars examines what makes a story shareable. In their own words, they believe “…sharing will drive a new era of journalism.”

Why do People Share?

According to Share Wars, people in a “browsing state” are likely to click on the first link that appears interesting to them.

They call it a “…private action with low investment.”

Put simply, there is not much at stake for someone when they click on a link to peruse an article.

Sharing is Different

When we share a story we make a statement about ourselves to the people in our networks. So when it comes to sharing content online, there’s considerably more at stake.

What did Share Wars Learn?

Share Wars spent 3 months capturing data from 13 Australian news websites. Headlines that received more than 100 Facebook shares included the following top 16 words:

  1. You
  2. Gay
  3. Facebook
  4. Baby
  5. Girl
  6. Teen
  7. Marriage
  8. Mum
  9. Life
  10. Sex
  11. I
  12. School
  13. Boy
  14. Kids
  15. Star
  16. Abbott

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