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Hello from the Verbymites



It’s been a lovely 2-week break. My whole family travelled to New York, while I stayed home with my husband, dog and 3-legged cat Pirate.

I read a lot of screenplays and worked on writing my Aussie horror film. It’s about a family who drive across the Nullarbor in a haunted camper van. Spooooky!

Getting Down with Perth Peeps

I hit Cottesloe beach on Sunday to interview people for a piece that will be published in a couple of weeks.

After spending 2 weeks as a hermit, it took a lot of mental energy to become a stranger people wanted to talk to, especially with a camera hanging around my neck!

But as always, people were lovely. In fact, I’m beginning to think I should talk to strangers more often.

The Verby Whirly Whirly

It’s already been a bit of a whirlwind since coming back 2 days ago. I’ve been doing a lot more blogging lately, which is always really fun and diverse.

I am loving my clients right now, so here’s to hoping I get more cool business owners on my radar.

Cartoon Sarah say Thanks

Oh, and I had a friend of mine design Christmas cards for me this year. You can see the cover below. (That’s me on the front in cartoon form!)


If you are someone who was part of Verb life in 2013 and you didn’t get a card, then this one here is for you! (I know it’s not as cool as a real card, but it will have to do.)

Bye for now!

Sarah and the Verbatims.