Crafting words to build your business online.

Mission Complete


Last year I gave Verb a blogging challenge. The rules?

  • Blog 3 times a week for 12 weeks.
  • Focus on 3 key terms relating to my industry.
  • Conduct no other search engine optimisation on my website, bar blogging.

The Goal

Discover whether written content, by itself, makes a difference to my search engine ranking. (Strictly no other search engine optimisation allowed.)

The result

Disappointing. No rankings came out of focusing on my key terms, and I suspect this is because my industry is highly competitive (duh!).

I have seen rankings improve with just SEO copywriting once before, so I thought I may see some result.

A client asked me to develop targeted articles for her website, which had received no search engine optimisation at all. With SEO copy only, her site got to page 1 for 2 of her key terms.

However, they were not competitive terms, and here lies the difference between my results and hers.

Take Away

Does this mean SEO copywriting is useless and does nothing for website rankings? Absolutely not!

It does wonders when paired with an effective SEO strategy that focuses on all the other elements of a website, like meta-data, off-site factors, page structure and all the other guff your SEO guy or gal dreams about.

The Silver Lining

Usually I happily blog away for my clients, so it was nice to focus on my own blogging strategy for a while. I improved my Twitter following and had great engagement across my other social media channels too.

I also improved the resources available on my website, as all of my blogs were dedicated to showing people how to improve their writing.

Not everyone feels they can afford a copywriter to assist them, so I hope these tips improve the quality of words on the web. (And just in case you didn’t know, Verb is really well priced. Sorry, had to throw that in there! Hehe.)

Sometimes I didn’t meet my target of 3 blogs per week. And sometimes I didn’t focus on my key terms, because I wanted to write about something else. Let’s say, I went a little easy on myself every now and then for the sake of fun.

Much Love,
Sarah and the Verbatims.