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Please everyone, Please no-one


My mum is great with sayings, and this is one of her favourites. It came into my mind recently while I was speaking with a new client about their web writing.

Do you Know your Target Market?

I work with large-scale businesses who have their own in-house marketing teams, and small businesses who are just getting their first website.

As a result, some of my clients have an in-depth knowledge of their target market, while others have no understanding at all.

Everyone is not the Answer

Even though my specialty is web writing, I often find myself helping people understand their target market better.

Without knowing who you want to sell your products or services to, it’s impossible to develop effective content, or any marketing material for that matter.

I always ask my clients who they think their target market is. Surprisingly, many respond with one word – “everyone”.

A Perfect World

In an ideal world, targeting “everyone” would be a lucrative marketing strategy. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds would flock to your business and profits would soar.

But the problem with targeting everyone is that it’s impossible.

Targeting everyone is a Contradiction

Wasting money on a marketing campaign that appeals to everyone won’t work. That’s because different groups of people are motivated by very different things.

It’s impossible to develop a marketing strategy that satisfies the vastly contrasting wants and needs of “everyone”. So take some time to work out who wants what your business has to offer. It’s the first step to making a real impact with your marketing.

Why you Need to Identify your Target Market

Working out which group of people desires your services enables you to craft a marketing strategy that truly connects with these individuals. Tapping into these desires effectively is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy.

Why? Your target market is more likely to want your product or service. That means it’s easier to convert them into real customers.

We can help you identify your target market before starting your website copywriting. Get in touch to find out more!

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