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Are Aussies Buying Online?

This morning I presented a 10-minute presentation about the power of good copywriting and online marketing. I thought I’d share some of the figures I quoted in my speech. 15.5 million Aussies were online for 23 billion minutes, visiting 39 billion pages in 2013. Source: Nielsen January, 2013  62% of Aussie internet users purchased goods or […]

Mission Complete

Last year I gave Verb a blogging challenge. The rules? Blog 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Focus on 3 key terms relating to my industry. Conduct no other search engine optimisation on my website, bar blogging. The Goal Discover whether written content, by itself, makes a difference to my search engine ranking. (Strictly […]

Hello from the Verbymites

Hello! It’s been a lovely 2-week break. My whole family travelled to New York, while I stayed home with my husband, dog and 3-legged cat Pirate. I read a lot of screenplays and worked on writing my Aussie horror film. It’s about a family who drive across the Nullarbor in a haunted camper van. Spooooky! […]

Can your Kids Write?

A friend of mine asked me to read over her daughter’s homework. Her little girl was 14 at the time, and better at using an iPhone than a pen. She wrote a lot like this: I did not c the dragan. he was hiding behind the cuboard. My Analysis The spelling was bad. She didn’t […]

What’s so Good about Blogging?

As a business-owner, you probably don’t have time to micro-manage every facet of your business. As a result, you rely on experts to tell you what’s what. This blog is designed to cut through the hoopla, and give you the lowdown on why blogging helps your business grow. What is Blogging? For those of you who […]

Words Every Business Owner Should Know

I have always prided myself on being able to break down other people’s services into a language that lay people understand. I find many specialists find it hard to differentiate between commonly understood terms and industry jargon. If you’re target market is the general public, speaking in jargon can alienate them. So it’s important to […]

Verb Rides for MS

On Sunday 20 October I closed my word document, stopped copy writing and stepped into the sunshine, or rather, cycled. The Ocean Ride for MS started from The Pickled Fig Cafe at South Beach, Fremantle and ended 50 kilometres later in Sorrento. So many people raised money for muscular sclerosis as part of the event. […]

Please everyone, Please no-one

My mum is great with sayings, and this is one of her favourites. It came into my mind recently while I was speaking with a new client about their web writing. Do you Know your Target Market? I work with large-scale businesses who have their own in-house marketing teams, and small businesses who are just […]

5 Tips for Blogging Smart

Okay, we’re getting back to basics today. Here are 5 simple tips to make your blog a winner. 1. Stay on Topic Pick a topic that is relevant to your business website, and stick to it. Avoid the temptation to wander off topic. Your readers come to your blog to find information about your line […]

Finding your Company’s Voice

I read everything. The little blurbs on my soy milk, the iiNet sales material I have zero interest in, and the words which elegantly adorn my iPhone packaging. Perhaps that’s why I’m a copywriter. When I read something that effortlessly exudes a company’s personality, I feel two things – envy and curiosity. Envy, because they […]