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DIY SEO Copywriting Google Loves

I’ve been talking a lot about Panda 4.1 and how it gives small to medium sized businesses an advantage in the search engine optimisation race. If you don’t know what SEO is head here for a rundown. If you do and you’re an SME, you may be interested in hearing what Pandas have to do […]

Get Your Blog Seen!

So you’ve written a stand out blog post. Your SEO writing is bang on. You’ve formatted like a pro and your title leaps off the screen. What now? Sharing is Caring Sharing content that is relevant and engaging can do wonders for your business. With the right knowledge, sharing your blog is relatively simple. And […]

5 Tips for Blogging Smart

Okay, we’re getting back to basics today. Here are 5 simple tips to make your blog a winner. 1. Stay on Topic Pick a topic that is relevant to your business website, and stick to it. Avoid the temptation to wander off topic. Your readers come to your blog to find information about your line […]

A Secret Web Writing Tip to Boost Busines

People read websites differently to the way they read print material. Web Writing versus Print When you read a newspaper, you probably nestle into a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a half hour to spare. You head to your favourite section and absorb the information. But when it comes to business websites, […]

90 Day SEO Challenge

It seems like there’s a 90 day challenge for everything. So we’re nabbing the idea and creating our own! How SEO Usually Works A big part of Verb’s service is SEO copywriting. Usually, we work with SEO companies to optimise key terms for business websites. They work on the meta-tags, linking and the other factors […]

Finding your Company’s Voice

I read everything. The little blurbs on my soy milk, the iiNet sales material I have zero interest in, and the words which elegantly adorn my iPhone packaging. Perhaps that’s why I’m a copywriter. When I read something that effortlessly exudes a company’s personality, I feel two things – envy and curiosity. Envy, because they […]

What is your Business Differential?

Last week I met with a fellow who advises business owners how to take profits to the next level. Business owners often come to him when they hit a brick wall with their marketing. His job is to objectively assess all facets of a business and advise on the best way to enhance it. This […]

6 Tips for Writing Business Emails

Ever received a truly terrible business email? Perhaps the sender wrote in caps locks to make his or her point. Or maybe they chose to use short hand text speak in the interests of time. Whatever the faux pas, writing effective business emails adds credibility to you and your business. Here are 6 quick tips […]

Verb enters Cyber Space

Finally, after many years in business we have a website! They say chefs don’t cook for their partners and doctors don’t treat their families. Well, the same can probably be said for website copywriters writing their websites. While we have been fortunate enough to run from word of mouth business, the lure of developing our own content […]

How do People Read Websites?

A professional website copywriter develops content specifically for web audiences. People read websites very differently to other mediums. Instead of reading every word on a page, they tend to scan for the information they need. If content is not concise, engaging and trustworthy, potential clients will move onto the next website on the search engine […]