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Our SEO Writing Challenge Actually did Work

So much is happening in Verb land, so I thought I’d give you an update. Next week, I promise, we’ll get straight to the good stuff – tips for writing top-notch SEO content.  Google showed Verb love Yes, we initially announced that our 90-day blogging challenge failed. But that was a little premature – since now […]

Verb Joins BNI Leederville

Our SEO writing whiz kids have joined BNI True North in Leederville. BNI stands for Business Networking International. Each chapter contains businesses from different sectors who share referrals and expand their business networks. We now have more friends in a bunch of different creative fields, and of course, those other experts we can’t live without […]

Exhibit B

This page is probably far easier for you to read. I’m not necessarily writing content that engages you. That’s not the point of this experiment What’s the point? The point of Exhibit B is to show you what a big difference smart formatting makes to absorbing written content online. Why is this page easy to […]

What’s so Good about Blogging?

As a business-owner, you probably don’t have time to micro-manage every facet of your business. As a result, you rely on experts to tell you what’s what. This blog is designed to cut through the hoopla, and give you the lowdown on why blogging helps your business grow. What is Blogging? For those of you who […]

Get Your Blog Seen!

So you’ve written a stand out blog post. Your SEO writing is bang on. You’ve formatted like a pro and your title leaps off the screen. What now? Sharing is Caring Sharing content that is relevant and engaging can do wonders for your business. With the right knowledge, sharing your blog is relatively simple. And […]

Celebrating Key Words the Google Way

Operation Hummingbird isn’t a covert FBI initiative. It’s the name of Google’s recent search engine algorithm overhaul. To celebrate its 15th birthday (so young!), Google decided to re-assess the way it sorted online content for searchers. Google realised people were becoming more specialised in their key word searches. And naturally, they responded. So what does […]

The Best SEO Writing makes People fall in Love

SEO writing (AKA writing to enhance your website’s ranking on Google), is not as mysterious as many people think. You may have heard a few tips to make your SEO writing really count. Things like: Highlighting keywords. Using keywords in headings. Linking from keywords to relevant web pages. The list goes on and on and […]