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The Internship


You know the digital revolution is well and truly here when Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson star in a film about it.

I know, I know. This blog is for copy writing tips. This post is a betrayal. But I couldn’t resist having my say on this baby.

The Lowdown

Vince and Owen (AKA Billy and Nick) are down and out watch salesmen.

They’re dinosaurs in a digital age, and besides, who looks at their wrist to tell the time these days?

When Googling for jobs Billy has an epiphany. Yes, while staring at the Google search engine screen, he realises he could get a job at, you guessed it, Google.

So he lies on an internship application and lands an interview for himself and his Texan drawling buddy.

Spoiler Alert

They hold a Skype convo in a library and charmingly yell into the computer speakers. Yes, we get it, they’re techno-phobes.

The pair scrapes into the internship programme and join a motley group of geeky, anti-social wonder kids. Their mission? Overcome the challenges Google throws at them.

Succeed, and the whole groups gets a full-time job at Google. Lose, and their back on the streets pedalling superfluous white goods.

Of course, the message of the film was loud and clear from the epically cheesy beginning.

The digi-generation is super smart, and “connected” in the online world but lack “real” connections with people.

So now we get the moral of the story, Vince and Owen get around to doing what they do best. Getting wasted.

They take their team to a strip club and come up with a killer app that helps them win the internship. (but we all knew they’d get through, right?)

A Love Interest and a Nemesis

Along the way, we get to see Rose Byrne play Owen Wilson’s love interest Dana. She’s gorgeous, sassy and speaks in an Australian accent. This made me nostalgic about Two Hands and I fell in love with Rose a little bit more.

There’s also a nemesis in the form of Max Minghella, a pompous English fellow with no team spirit and an over the top hatred of fat people.

The message is laid on a little think, but maybe that’s because the film is written for salesmen who don’t get that ones and zeroes are a language too.

Maybe I’ll show it to my dad and see what he thinks. (Not that he’s a watch salesmen.)


Watch Swingers instead.