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The Secret to eNewsletter Success


I’ve wanted to write about MailChimp for some time now, so I’m excited to get stuck into this blog.

MailChimp is a free program that allows businesses to develop professional looking eNewsletters.

You can find the program at

What’s an eNewsletter?

A newsletter emailed to subscribers on a regular basis. An eNewsletter usually focus on a single topic. For example, your services.

How it Works

MailChimp is really easy to use, as it offers a number of templates that can be tweaked to suit the style and branding of your business.

You can also store all of your subscribers as a List, and then select the list you would like to send your eNewsletter to.

Australian Spam Laws

There are laws that govern mass emails for the purpose of selling a product or service. You may know the practice as “spamming”. Spamming happens when a business emails marketing material to someone who has not agreed to receive the content.

As you probably know, it can be a real pain getting emails from businesses you have no interest in. MailChimp has safeguards in place to ensure your eNewsletter complies with Australia’s Spam Act.

For example, the Act requires senders to include an Unsubscribe link on their eNewsletter, so subscribers can opt out of regular emails.

MailChimp includes an Unsubscribe link in its email templates. If someone unsubscribes, you receive a notice from MailChimp enabling you to easily manage your subscriber list.

The Basics

Once you have registered with MailChimp, the best way to learn the system is to play. Put 30 minutes aside and take a look at the range of templates on offer.

Choose something that reflects your business. Clean, simple and professional is always the safest choice if you’re not sure what to go for.

Add your Branding

Once you have chosen a template, upload your logo and choose colours that represent your business. MailChimp also prompts you to include a link to your website.

The program then takes the colours from your website and customises a template for you. This makes the whole process even easier!

You only need to design your template once, as you can use the some one over and over. That way you’re reinforcing your branding, and saving time!

Less than 2,000 Subscribers? It’s Free

If you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails per month, MailChimp is free.

This generous allowance enables you to make an impact with your online marketing at a relatively low price. (If you’re writing your eNewsletter in-house it’s free!)

Check your Vital Stats

The thing I love about MailChimp is that once you’ve sent a campaign you can see how successful it was.

MailChimp will tell you how many people opened your newsletter. As well as how many people clicked on links within the newsletter.

After a while, you can begin to understand what content resonates with subscribers best.


Once you have designed your newsletter and designated who it will be sent to, you can schedule to send the campaign at any time in the future.

There are many schools of thought as to when a campaign should be sent. When I worked at an agency, I remember being told that 3pm on a Friday was the best time, because people don’t feel like working!

You may want to have a play to determine what time of day suits your audience best.

Get Started with MailChimp

Visit to sign up. Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Verb offers discounted copy writing for businesses who want eNewsletters written on a regular basis. Or try us once at normal rates.


That’s all for now!


Sarah and The Verbathons.