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Tricky Words you Need to Know


When I was young and naïve and (okay, it happened only 12 months ago), I wrote that someone’s services were complimentary.

The ever-gracious business owner pointed out that his services were not free. And I cursed the existence of words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

I also became far savvier about this special species of words. Here are some of them!

Practise versus Practice

Practise: Used to describe carrying out an activity or skill.


  • “I need to practise writing words that sound similar.”

Practice: The application of something.


  • “Great writing is a practice that takes time.”
  • “The doctor’s practice was closed.”

 Tip: Practice includes the word ICE. Ice is a “thing” or noun and a “practice” is a noun too.

License versus Licence

License: The action of granting a licence. (This makes it a verb.)


  • “The music had to be licensed.”

Licence: A permit to do or use a particular thing. (This makes it a noun.)


  • “I have a driver’s licence.”

Stationary versus Stationery

Stationary: Not moving.

Stationery: Pens, paper and all the cool stuff we never use anymore.

If you have any other freakish words you’d like me to delve into, please send me an email.

I hope you enjoyed this complimentary blog! (Tee hee.)

Sarah and the Verbasers