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Verb Joins BNI Leederville


Our SEO writing whiz kids have joined BNI True North in Leederville.

BNI stands for Business Networking International. Each chapter contains businesses from different sectors who share referrals and expand their business networks.

We now have more friends in a bunch of different creative fields, and of course, those other experts we can’t live without (like lawyers and financial planners and business coaches).

Great Circle Design

We’re happy to have Linda Grant in our chapter. She’s the super woman behind Great Circle Design & Animation.

Her business creates brand identities for businesses that want something more than just a logo. She puts time and expertise into crafting a look and feel for your business that resonates with prospective clients.

Space-Age 3D Stuff

Virtualiis is part of the group too. These folk (led by brainiac Becky Lee) create 3D models, which are perfect for showcasing off-the-plan property developments.

It’s cutting edge stuff, but Becky has a way of breaking complex ideas into yummy 3D bite sized pieces.

Go to their website for more fun facts.

For more info on BNI chapters in your area, visit

Bye for now!

Sarah and the Verbanators.