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What is your Business Differential?


Last week I met with a fellow who advises business owners how to take profits to the next level.

Business owners often come to him when they hit a brick wall with their marketing.

His job is to objectively assess all facets of a business and advise on the best way to enhance it.

This guy peeks into the inner-workings of businesses for a living, which gives him some valuable inside knowledge.

One of the things that struck me during our conversation was the need for a business owner to clearly understand his or her service differential.

How do you determine your differential? Ask 10 of your clients, what it is about your business they come back to.

Maybe you are on time. Perhaps you have excellent communication skills. Whatever the differential, work out what it is, and no matter what, do not let it slide. If you’re GA Perry, be on time. If you’re Bunnings, don’t jack up your prices.

This seemingly simple idea made me stop and think about my own business, so I thought you might appreciate it too!

That’s all for now.

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